In 2015 AGORA launched AGORA Africa

AGORA Africa is based in Rwanda and works in all corners of Africa in close collaboration with OrangeKat – an Africa based consulting group consisting of local experts in finance-, product- and business development. Additionally we enter partnerships with Governments, NGOs and business development institutions to build healthy businesses and boost production, governance and entrepreneurs around Africa.

The way we work

We strive to work in the specific work environment of the business, to improve the overall business development and secure a long-term outcome of the training. Our core competence is to reach goals set by managements and stakeholders with a continuous focus on implementing the new strategies in the work place, where physical interaction and dialogue with the staff is possible, and written reports are not the only outcome.

Live business development

[LBD] is a consulting method developed by OrangeKat in close collaboration with AGORA Africa. This method has been tested in productions and businesses in both Europe and Africa with great results.

It moves away from the concept of generalized training, where the organization undergoes the training in a classroom before trying to implement the theories directly in their production.

In stead, [LBD] allows our team of process consultants to move the development & coaching into the work field while the production is running. Stabilization, standards and improvements are implemented and the consulting team builds on the current status. This might consist of documenting work processes, introducing quality circles, improving procurement and stock management, accounting, leadership development, coaching etc. 

[LBD] creates a possibility for an intervention, while the business increase production output. Problems in the business are directly solved on shopfloor, and all knowledge is a co-produced mixture of expert knowledge brought on by the consulting team, and local knowledge shared by employees on all levels in the organization.

If you seek to improve the production or if your business is having encounter organizational challenges contact us for a free consultation. It can very well be, that our mutual knowledge is able to improve your business.